Add Value To Your Home With A Customised Modular Kitchen

Add Value To Your Home With A Customised Modular Kitchen

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    MARCH 19, 2023

With the help of Orrlee Enterprise, your kitchen will be functional, fashionable, and elegant. Adding value to the kitchen can give your home interior a new perspective. We offer the best modular kitchen in Thane.

In this era, homes are getting compact just like our family systems.Thus, the kitchens also got compact in size. Earlier, 4 to 5 people used to work in the kitchen but now there are only 2 who can work. This ratio is not surprising as we have now adapted to this lifestyle. But with this, we need to adapt to the modernization of the kitchen. To these nuclear homes and families, a customised modular kitchen is the best option.

What are Modular Kitchens?

Modular kitchens have a different design approach than traditional ones. In a modular kitchen, kitchen compartments like cabinets, and drawers and the cupboard is half assembled prior. And then these pre-assembled parts are integrated into one single holistic system. Now, what does it do? It makes simple units that are easy to install at the home and can fit into any size. Also, these small things can simulate efficiency and flexibility for the installation process. In this blog, we have come up with 5 reasons why a modular kitchen can add value to your home.

Why is a Modular Kitchen so important today?

Use Minimum Space But Gives Maximum Functionality

Modular kitchen designs utilize every corner of your kitchen. This leads to maximum functionality and makes good space for storage too. If you haven’t seen the modular kitchen, (you can see our gallery photos where you’ll get the idea) you’ll notice how each cabinet or cupboard is designed to gain maximum utility.

Modular kitchen models maximize utility and effortlessly add more storage to make the best possible use of every available space. Each unit provides a range of organizational options and includes several advanced accessories and modular cabinet designs that assist in creating the illusion of a clutter-free kitchen. This looks so compact and sleek, but also modern at the same time.


Affordable pricing that won’t surpass budget

As we discussed earlier, these are premade platforms. Hence, these are not only affordable but also easy to install. It takes less labor work to install these readymade kitchen platforms. Orrlee Enterprise has the best readymade kitchen platforms at affordable prices. So you won’t have to worry because of its price. Its readymade feature allows us for simple and quick installation on site. It doesn’t take time to complete more than a week to complete.

Easier to maintain & repair

A hassle that can be easily tackled. Kitchens are known for their messiness. Traditional kitchens are hard to clean and even hard to maintain that cleanliness. This is why modular kitchens are specifically made to have easy access and easy maintenance. As these kitchens are entirely assembled prior to installing, cleaning and repairing them would be an easier part. Orrlee Enterprise, give services for these readymade kitchen platforms in Thane.

Tailored As Your Preference

Here comes our favorite part, and here we can show our creativity and individual preferences. These ready-made kitchens are available in a wide range of colors, textures and materials, and designs. From modern to vintage aesthetics, you will get what you want. These customized modular kitchens can fit any home’s aesthetics. Depending on the demands of the client in the particular situation, modular kitchen units can also be customized and personalized with slight changes from the original, standard designs.

Renovation is easy with modular kitchens

When it’s time to renew your home, renovating the kitchen would not be costly work for you anymore.The functionality of modular kitchen models allows consumers to change the appearance of their kitchen at any time they want. Why do we say it is easier to change the appearance of your kitchen? Because you can alter your kitchen’s look just by changing its cabinets, cupboards, and tiles. Versatile yet always flexible, modular kitchens allow clients to change with the times.

Now you know why modular kitchens are good for this ever-changing era. We will shift our focus to the do’s and don’ts of the modular kitchen. Or you can say what we should be looking at while installing modular kitchens.

Do’s & Don’ts of the modular kitchen

Do’s (The Points you should always keep in mind)

  • Choose a layout that fits your kitchen size-L-shaped, Parallel, straight, or Island
  • Decide your theme (this will go for ceilings, walls, and cabinet patterns and colors)
  • Take a consultation from Orrlee Enterprise for a more professional opinion.
  • Installing cabinets according to your kitchen utensils. (Cabinets need to be precise as you are going to store kitchen accessories in it)

Don’ts (Strictly avoid these points)

  • Don’t go for fancy items or accessories that will occupy your kitchen space. (Remember, in a modular kitchen we are going to utilize every corner properly)
  • Avoid using exposed shelves and instead, cleverly conceal items while minimizing the modular kitchen.