Chandelier: Brings The Symbol Of Status And Wealth To Your Home

Chandelier: Brings The Symbol Of Status And Wealth To Your Home

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    JAUNUARY 30, 2023

An ambiance chandelier adds a special touch to your room decor.

The definition of status symbols is constantly changing in this modern era. From having high aristocratic ranks to billions of followers, we evolved. But one thing that connects us to that medieval world are Chandelier lights. These Chandeliers are with us throughout history. Their symbolism, representation, and vicinity are still the same. Having a chandelier in your home represents your standard of living.

Elite families particularly add lights in their interiors to showcase their wealth, luxury, and grand personality. As we are evolving chandelier aesthetics are also evolving with new-age interior decor. Modern chandelier lights for living room is now in demand in every home interior. Read this blog to know the best chandeliers in Thane to make your home or commercial places attractive.

What are Chandeliers?

The word itself is hard to pronounce and even hard to remember. In the language of architecture, Chandeliers are ornamental light fixtures, designed to be attached to room ceiling walls, which give an illuminated glow, which might be dim or bright to your room.
Basically, chandeliers are ceiling lights at the center of the ceiling and it acts like an ornament of room interiors. If we look closely, it has multiple lights (formerly it used to have candles but nowadays these have LED lights) and these lights are structured in branches in different directions.

Do you know?

Chandelier is a Latin origin word meaning ‘Candle Holder’.


How Chandelier create ambiance?

The main purpose of a chandelier is to illuminate light in the room and provide an aesthetic appearance. It enhances the look and feel of a room by beautifying and giving a touch of personality to the room. A room’s aesthetics are heavily dependent on interiors. If the room has modernity then the interior should be minimalist, neat, and clean. If a room has vintage vibes then it should be woody, classy, and elegant. These elements influence chandeliers and their designs.

In addition, it is also important to consider the placement of chandeliers in order to create the right ambiance. The term ‘General Illumination’ widely focused on the lighting of chandeliers. The dim lights of chandeliers create a relaxed and calm mood wherein bright lights create a lively atmosphere. You also can create a soothing atmosphere in your home with help of Orrlee Enterprise. You can get free consultations for which chandelier will suit your interior decor.


How design and styles of chandeliers affect the interior

For a pleasant look, you can customize or personalize chandelier designs and styles. Many vendors sell a wide variety of different styles and designs of chandeliers. Orrlee Enterprise is also one of them. Orrlee provides the best chandelier lights in Thane and modern chandeliers for living rooms too!

When you purchase a chandelier, with design and look, functionality is also important. Each chandelier design is unique, whether it is Victorian-era styled crystal chandeliers or contemporary chandeliers.

Crystal chandeliers give a look of luxury and elegance. The glass crystal lit up the entire place giving it a royal look. These styles are suitable for big living rooms. Rustic styled chandeliers are tough looking majorly giving a professional feeling, and mostly have wooden features. Wherein, contemporary styles have a modern touch, and minimal design, sometimes compact and suitable for small apartments.

Types of Chandeliers

Drum Style

These are drum-shaped type chandeliers. These closely resembled lampshades. The design gives a warm and bright lighting effect. Typically used in kitchens and dining areas.

Sputnik Style

These are modernized and look cool for small apartments and new-age designs. They look like astronomical constellations. Interesting fact, Sputnik chandeliers are actually named after satellite Sputnik as the first designers innovated the design with the same inspiration.

Mini Style

As the name suggests, these chandeliers are small in size less than a 12-inch diameter. These are specifically made for staircases, patios, and side foyers.

Waterfall Style

These have layers of crystals and lights are good for high ceilings. Also sometimes, they are designed like a river ripple hence justifying the name.

Hybrid Style

Hybrid ones are kind of exclusive styles with personalized touch as per customer’s demand. In the hybrid version, you will get a range of combinations. It made the look less complicated and you can select ideal lights that fit your indoor décor.

Why Chandeliers are wealth Symbols

Chandeliers are closely associated with royalty and aristocracy. It perpetuates the status and riches of a house. It shows the luxury and grandeur personality of a person. A large chandelier means more wealth was the thinking process in the Victorian Era. You can say, chandeliers came from the western side of the world. In medieval history, stories and novels have descriptions of how chandeliers symbolized Wealth and Status.

Orrlee Enterprise

While purchasing chandelier lights, make sure you consider the overall lighting plan, including the many layers of lighting, and how each fixture fits into the overall scheme. Orrlee enterprise provides beautiful and durable chandelier lights for the living room. Orrlee have varieties of chandeliers, and you can choose which suits your living room best.