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Frameless Shower Door: A Trendy Look for Your Bathroom

Bathroom glass partition price

Frameless Shower Door: A Trendy Look for Your Bathroom

Are you tired of using your outdated bathroom? Adding a sleek and modern frameless glass shower door is one unique option to freshen up and make your bathroom more attractive. It provides your bathroom with a beautiful, trendy appearance and separates the bathing area. The advantages of a frameless glass shower door are unmatched, despite your temptation to choose a less expensive shower curtain.

Still unsure? This article will show you why, both practically and aesthetically, frameless shower doors are the finest approach to modernising your bathroom. Orrlee is the best Frameless shower door dealer if you want to buy a frameless shower door.

Top Reasons why frameless shower doors are ideal for bathrooms

Adding a frameless glass shower door can make your bathroom look trendy. If you’re unsure if it’s the best choice, consider the following.

Frameless shower door dealer

It Brings a Unique Look to Your Bathroom

A frameless shower door enhances the elegance of your shower area while serving as the focal point of both modern and minimalist bathrooms, thanks to its sleek and trendy design. The best option for giving your bathroom a unique touch with the least amount of work is to install a frameless glass shower door.

It adds a feeling of spaciousness to your bathroom

Your bathroom may seem smaller than it is if you use shower curtains. On the other hand, a frameless shower door gives the impression that your bathroom is larger and more open. This is because glass allows light to pass through instead of shower cubicles with metal frames or curtains. Frameless shower doors are perfect for small bathrooms because of this feature.

It Can Be Customised.

The ability to be tailored to your shower space is one of the best characteristics of a frameless shower door. As a result, you can experiment with giving your bathroom a distinctive style without sticking with conventional designs or proportions.

Bathroom glass partition price is affordable in Orrlee enterprises.

Bathroom glass partition price

It comes in all sizes.

Due to this, your shower space’s size can be entirely customised by your designer. A frameless glass shower door can be customised to fit a large spa shower or a more constrained corner walk-in.

Cleaning them is simple.

These shower doors don’t have a frame, so there’s no chance of water or soap scum accumulating on the sliding door’s track or underneath the door seals. Thus, you are relieved to clean the seals or frame.

Additionally, the glass used for the door makes it easier to clean than a shower curtain. Spray a water solution with white vinegar and then sit for ten minutes. Next, the glass should be scrubbed using a scrub sponge dipped in baking soda and washed with water. Once more, your glass cage will be spotless.

Allow the flow of light.

In order to carry out your daily routine, the bathroom is one of those places where light flow is crucial. Finding the shampoo, soap, and razors might be challenging when you’re in a dark shower. The area’s visibility can be enhanced by allowing natural and artificial light to enter through a frameless glass shower door.

It is safe and secure.

Because water cannot escape the shower area, frameless glass shower doors are safer than shower curtains. Wet floors are the major cause of accidental falls, especially if you have elderly or young family members living with you. By installing glass shower doors, you can keep your bathroom entirely dry and avoid mishaps that could result in catastrophic injury.

It Raises Your Home’s Value

A frameless glass shower door is a beautiful addition that can raise the value of your house and draw buyers. It enhances the aesthetics and organisation of your bathroom and makes it more functional by keeping water in the shower area and off the floor.

It is Hygienic

Frameless shower doors have a non-porous glass surface that prevents microorganisms from growing, unlike traditional shower curtains, which are a breeding ground for mould and mildew. It is thus a hygienic substitute for shower curtains and the best option for allergy sufferers.


These are a few techniques you may use to update your shower area and transform your bathroom into something more luxurious and magnificent. You have a variety of concepts to incorporate into your plan, from corner shower areas to partially closed shower spaces, from framed shower glass doors to frameless shower glass doors.

Additionally, you can experiment and create your shower glass doors to match the structure and appearance of your current bathroom. To obtain the most fabulous shower glass doors right now, contact a Frameless shower door dealer like Orrlee Enterprises. We have a variety of glass doors with customising options. Contact us today for installation and give your bathroom a trendy look.

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Buying a New Bathtub? That is what to look for

Buying a New Bathtub? That is what to look for

Are you dreaming of having a perfect bathtub in your bathroom? A bathtub is more luxurious for people despite being necessary. Though, a bathtub should be a necessity for a regular lifestyle. A bathroom renovation can allow the results with the thing you want. However, the first thing you have to do is plan. It is crucial to have prior planning to get the right things at the right place. If you are willing to have a bathtub, there are specific buying guidelines. There is no hidden fact that several factors affect the price tag and bathtub requirements. In that case, we highly suggest considering what tubs you need and if they will fit in your budget or not.

Washing up is definitive in unwinding, yet purchasing a bath can be loaded with pressure. There is a confounding cluster of bath aspects, shapes, and materials accessible today, and it’s a choice you need to get right. Tearing out and supplanting a tub isn’t high on anybody’s rundown of fun exercises, so invest in some opportunity to respond to these significant inquiries before you choose to buy another model or bath revamping. Our bath purchasing guide will assist you with picking the perfect tub for your home and way of life. You can also find a frameless shower door dealer to get your required work done.


Crucial Things to consider while purchasing a bathtub:

Now let’s explore the buying guide to help you get the right bathtub for your bathroom.

  • Size
    The first thing that you must look over is the size of the bathtub. Bathtubs are not one size fits all. You will have to get the right bathtub size so that it can easily fit in your bathroom. Before purchasing a bathtub, make sure to figure out the required size. Make sure to pick the right size based on your space. It also includes the size of your new bathtub. Suppose you have the old bathtub with the wrong size, so you can now have great ideas regarding the correct size. Size is the most necessary thing to consider while buying a bathtub. Jacuzzi bathtub prices in Mumbai will help you get the right size at the right price.
  • Shape of bathtub
    The second most important thing to assess while buying a bathtub is the shape. The shape of the bathtub depends on the shape of your bathroom. Or you can consider the shape of the bathtub as per your comfortability. Make sure to choose the right one with a perfect and comfortable shape. It is essential to select a shape as a slope that can easily match your requirements. You can also choose the bathtub’s shape according to your style to give an authentic look to your bathroom if we talk about the most popular shapes, oval and round tubs. Oval and round tubs are widely accepted in modern ways. However, rectangular tubs look more traditional. You can use a corner bathtub and it will hit your bucket list as well.
  • Tub Height and Depth
    Before buying a specific bathtub, it is essential to figure out the proper heights and depth of the bathtub. First, you need to consider the tub heights relative to the floor. Ensure enough structural support for your plans and consider how deep the tub should be. Bathroom glass partition prices depend on other factors as well.
  • Core Materials
    We all know that core quality is significant for everything. When it is the matter of bathtub, then core material plays a vital role. Mainly standard bathtubs usually have an acrylic sheet that keeps the interior as hollow as possible to reduce its weight. But that is not the same with heavy tubs. Mainly heavier bathtubs are made of metal and enamel. You can prefer the bathtub according to your budget and requirements.
  • Air massager
    Notwithstanding by and large unwinding and pressure help, air showers enact the creation of endorphins to support a positive outlook, animate blood course and the lymphatic framework, and alleviate torment brought about by joint pain and ongoing issues. Bathtubs also offer air massager to the user.

Hopefully, you must have learned the factor to consider while buying a bathtub for your bathroom. It is suggested to select the right bathtub with all essential features that can easily fit your budget. It is also necessary to look after the steam generator for the bathroom. If you are willing to upgrade your bathtub, make sure to calculate the weight of the new bathtub. You can take professional help for a better inspection of the requirements. You have the right methods to purchase the best bathtub at an affordable price.